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Who Are We?
We are Ascended Studio! I mean, it's kind of obvious...
Our intentions
Imagine this: You are sad, extremely sad - I want you to think of the worst things that makes you sad. Perhaps a lingering trauma? A bad memory that haunts you, or maybe an unfortunate lost. These things happens to most of us and i hate to say it, we have to suck it up and go through it.

You see, most people like us don't handle it too well. In fact we get quite sad most of the time. Some people feel like this 24 hours, everyday.


Thats why we exist!

If we can make you smile for at least one minute with us, nothing else but in this world we created for you. I can say we achieved our goal!

This will forever be our intentions

And we also just love making wierd, random things 😎

Ok, Have fun scrolling!
Philosophies We Stick By...
"Ascended is a whole new planet"