Pocket War Puzzle
The Journey Begins!
We got our backpacks packed, our magical staffs ready to zap, we got our swords and shields just in case those orcs and skeletons decides to surprise us. But most importantly we got people who will fight along side with us for the same cause. Expect for us to grow and progress on as the days go by because our passion is that of the strongest fire that will burn harder if you put under water!

The enemies will face a fierce challenge and the Titans won’t know what’s coming behind their backs!

This is because we are the Ascended family, ready to make a wave for our future generations.
by Chhaya
The Tragic Lost Of Pocket War!

It was never our intention to let this tittle rest away from our hands, especially when we have put not just our efforts, but also our souls into this project. It didn’t fail because of dislikes in our gameplay, story or our character, quite the contrary we saw such a positive sign that we could not let such artwork wander away. It was our game, not being able to launch for majority of users: our code in the past was like a giant boulder hanging on top of a toothpick. We couldn’t do anything much to save Pocket War so we had to cut our losses and move on. To be fair, I would give a game 1 star if I can’t even load it to begin with.

‘ In these types of situation there is really no one to blame in our current family. I take most of the blame in this situation, contributing to how managers can destroy 80% of a good game without knowing.

It was not about how I led the team but rather it was the people whom I decided to choose to trust on this project. They were people who only cared about money and safety of themselves, not the wellbeing of other people who also put their lives in the Ascended Family, purely selfish and shortsighted. It was an insult to my Family and myself. On that day I swore to stay on top of my game and never let anyone do that to my Family again. ‘

-CEO of Ascended Studio

However, we do not see this as a loss, but a huge milestone that we’ve created at least something. It was the first game to mark our journey to change the gaming industry. No matter how good or how much games we make in the future, Pocket War will always the first seed that sprouted in the Ascended world.

by Chhaya
Pocket War Puzzles (PwP)!

We call this the little sibling of our Pocket War tittle; it will be very funny to see how people think Pocket War (PW) is a knockoff version of Pocket War Puzzles!

After a great deal of planning, we had a few factors to consider, let's list them out:

Financial Situation

Pocket War was definitely one big factor in our investment. Considering our time and money that we’ve spent on this game, it had no return. This puts us in a time strain and also financial strain. We are very tight on our budget and must continue to find the best route for us to recoup and grow to reach where we want to be. We chose to go into the match-3 genre and surprise our neighbors with an Ascended Twist!

Emotional Situation

We were already invested in Pocket War’s art and it would not help if we will work on a completely new concept and project. Our artists have already grown tired of even thinking about working towards a completely new game concept art. Pocket War’s art was their baby and they want it to grow up well.

We decided to re-use our previous art into a different mechanical game concept so their arts will be in a better home!

by Chhaya
Our Very First Fan!

Hey you!! If you somehow managed to find this – We just want to say thank you! Maybe you don’t care too much about us, or even our game because we haven’t released anything yet nor are we anyone that noticeable in the industry.

But still! Thank you for being our early supporter! Our CEO was freaking out to see that you popped into our world and everyone was excited to see you! We don’t even know you!

What you did to us was unforgettable and you don’t even realize it. We decided to dedicate this page to you, saying that you’ve been quite the moral support in hard times, don’t get us all emotional now :’)


The Ascended Family

by Chhaya
Pocket War Puzzles (PwP)!

Upon hours of discussion with the Family, we have chosen 2 people who will be attending the GDC event in 2020!

It was a popular topic amongst the Ascended members, we thought it was going to a long time until we would attend such events. It was told to us that top legends, heroes and titans often participate in the GDC event - we couldn’t stand to miss the opportunity. Given our financial weakness, we can only afford to send two of our heroes to venture out in the realm of the GDC event on behalf of the family. Our people will then come back and tell us all the wonderful things they have witnessed. These heroes are:

  • Tom: Our fellow game director disguised as a game designer, he sometimes transforms into a wolf with a Viking helmet
  • Sami: He’s just really good at tennis. Like, really good.
by Chhaya