Pocket War Puzzle
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“DEFEND OUR MOTHERLAND” says the Archer!

“ROAAAAAAAR!” says the Orcs!

In a planet - full of bloodthirsty, danger driven world where only the toughest survives. They speak the language of war and power. They fear the creep of failure and defeat. They strive to get stronger everyday in hopes for a brighter future – Giant swords are swinging justice, arrows are whistling pain, and a giant rock skydiving towards you.

Find comfort in the warmth of your allies; stand strong in the face of your foes – Mythical weapons, mystical powers eagerly awaits your arrival to show justice and pain towards your enemies. Discover your power, refine your strength, and find your reason to keep fighting in this crazy world.

The best part is...

It’s all in the reach of your pocket.
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The Gardener
Description of the boss
Archer Mercenaries
The Gardener can hire Archers for his party to help with long range attacks.
Sir (or Madam?) Boneville II, Esquire, is a veteran of the Skeleton Wars, and is on a quest to find his ghost, which escaped upon the knight's untimely death by dysentery.
Defender Mercenaries
Defenders protect the front line, and these mercenaries can be hired by the Gardener to protect his party.
Diaz is a carnivorous plant creature from the Moon, and she feeds off the sun and devouring the enemies she shoots down with her spears.
Ivar is a young human adventurer looking for his twin sister. A former archer in the king’s army and a proficient hunter, Ivar prefers to keep his distance with his bow.
Jamhorn Purpurina
Jamhorn is only here to make sure everyone knows how fabulous he is. A renowned artist, bard, and all around superstar, Jamhorn can be counted on to keep the party’s spirits high.
Knight Mercenaries
Knights deal damage and can take a beating, and are always looking for new coin to make. The Gardener can hire knights to fight for his party.
Memnon is an Orcish priest, and wants to prove the goodness of his people to his human clergy. He prefers healing people to hurting them.
Olkoth wishes for the end of days, brought by the elder god she worships. A master of eldritch magic granted by her god.
Priest Mercenaries
Priests are plentiful, and are always looking for ways to help their temples. The Gardener can hire priests to heal his party.
Varaak is a Daimon seeking to change the ways of his people, and is the perfect example that looks can be deceiving. A warm, steadfast companion, Varaak protects your party with his massive tower shield.
The Royal Elite Knight
The Royal Elite Knight has served the human king for 40 years, and leads his armies in the war against the Nonhuman Alliance. A formidable foe who earned his way to the top through many battles, there’s more than meets the eye to this foe.
The Golden Beast
The enigmatic leader of the Nonhuman Alliance, the Golden Beast seemingly appeared from nowhere. Rumors have it that the Beast is a Daimon in disguise, with hidden agendas behind the war.
The Minotaur
The Minotaur guards the ancient labyrinths of the undead lands, and is the only living thing accepted there. A foe designed for only one purpose: to keep unwanted visitors out.
Scar, the Croc Pirate King
A former bandmate with Jamhorn, the Croc Pirate King took to piracy after his vicious ejection from Jamhorn’s pirate band. Scar is vicious and greedy, and seeks to exploit the war to make himself wealthy.
Elven Warriors
Elven warriors form the frontline of the elven armies, and are often seen leading the Nonhuman Alliance.
Elven Archers
Elven archers prefer to stay away from the direct fighting, and support their companions with ranged attacks.
Dwarven Berserkers
Dwarves share many similarities with humans, and are often larger than them as well, as their “dwarf” name comes from the giants who first encountered them.
Buccaneers & Freebooters
Whether in Scar’s employ or working as freebooters, pirates litter the seas and try to carve out a life of adventure and plunder for themselves.
The Undead
Upon someone’s death, they will split in two; all their unresolved problems will become a ghost, and the rest will become a skeleton to fight in the Skeleton Wars.
Goblin Tribesmen
Goblins are large, fast, and hit very hard. In spite of their large size, goblins can’t take too much damage before they go down.
Pocket War News
A journey well fought, a lesson well taught!
A journey well fought, a lesson well taught!
To make this a bit more interesting – I will describe the whole situation in a form of a diary of man who led a large group of warriors to an unknown destination that they’ve sworn to reach.

‘ I stood on top of that silent mountain with the most precious item we got. It wasn’t our sword or shield; those relentless spies destroyed them. It wasn’t the armor that had protected our frail but tenacious body; those sand wizards casted their last spell on the armors right before their last breath. It was a circular mystical gem that projects a symbol we all fought for.

It was silent, surprising to say that we felt at peace on the mountain of darkness – our final destination for the start of everything. We dug the deepest hole that we could and planted that gem on the mountain. We had to see it through; we’ve lost enough people. Four others took their last breath right after we planted the gem. But those who lived on were no longer warriors; they have Ascended far beyond that.

To this day, I still do not know why we crossed the mountain of darkness, but we had to. It was that gem which inspired us to take such leaps. However we did not lose everything. We have befriended strangers whom soon became our family. We have freed prisoners of the Titans whom became our most trusted warriors, but most importantly, we proved ourselves that we could survive.

Right after we walked past the mountain of darkness, I saw a small green sparkle on the tip of the mountain, ever so slight. It might have been my sanity, but I kept it to myself even until now. We march onwards, making use of what was remaining. Who knows what the future has stored for us. I just know that we’re capable.’