Pocket War Puzzle
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Chhaya Chandara Ngov
CEO & Owner
Chhaya Chandara Ngov | CEO & Owner
Has an unhealthy obsession with the colour green.
Manish Ramnani
HR Manager
Manish Ramnani | HR Manager
Tried to achieve happiness but got married.
Somaly Lot
Somaly Lot | Assistant to CEO
A silent assassin.
Sami Mahmood
Head Marketer
Sami Mahmood |Head Marketer
Lost a fistfight with a giant shark, but became a wiser man.
Design & Direction
Tom Bagstevold
Studio Head & Creative Director
Tom Bagstevold | Studio Head & Creative Director
Nobody knew how a viking managed to leave earth and landed on planet Ascended - we first discovered him with a mouth full of hotdogs. Nature never fails to be fascinating.
Game Designer
Greg | Part-Time Game Designer
Thinks before he acts, truly a sight to see.
Federico Diaz
Lead Developer
Federico Diaz | Lead Developer
Has murderous intent on people who disturbs his programming peace.
Flor Mancinas
Game Developer
Flor Mancinas | Game Developer
A dedicated cosplay artist obsessed with anime, but will never confess it.
Eduardo Arroyo
Game Developer
Eduardo Arroyo | Part-Time Developer
Can still enjoy a cup of tea while the world is on fire. He did that once when his last company was on fire.
Fernanda da Costa
Art Director
Fernanda da Costa | Art Director
The happiest being that has been identified on planet Ascended. She infected almost everyone in Ascended, except me. Please send help.
André Martinez
Senior Game Artist
André Martinez | Senior Game Artist
On a life journey to obtaining a luscious beard and inner peace.
Kyoung-hwan Yoon
Kyoung-hwan Yoon | Animator
The most peaceful man living in Ascended as of right now.
Web Development
Azra Aydınoğlu
Web Developer
Azra Aydınoğlu | Part-Time Web Developer
Enjoys long walks on the rain, lives single with 8 cats.
Metehan Batal
Web Developer
Metehan Batal | Part-Time Web Developer
He once made a flying car and a watch that could freeze time because he was bored. We penalized him for not doing his job so we put him into janitor work.
Mandi Izquierdo
Audio Designer & Composer
Mandi Izquierdo | Audio Designer & Composer
Claims to not be french when the truth is already on the table. If you see this, there's no point hiding, Mandi.